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February 25th, 2015

Waiting at the Airport transit for a long haul flight  is an ever boring experience whenever you fly overseas. Exactly when you stopover in Abu Dhabi, transforming all your travel experiences it’s a place to enjoy the limited time around Abu Dhabi city without lazy sleeping and waiting.

Finest beach, Sunny sand, Skyscrapers, Emirati cuisine, Sightseeing, Adventure, Souk and Shopping increase the brightness of UAE capital, Abu Dhabi. As there are so many  attractions gifted by God and Man to the city, you can’t visit the  entirely city within 24 hours, but still My Abu Dhabi holidays took the initiative to take you to the best places in Abu Dhabi and give you a handful of experience with our Abu Dhabi stopover package for a limited time bound. We make your itinerary considering your desires for a best day travel in Abu Dhabi. No doubt! You will love to roam with us!

Building an impression and overview about inner and outer appearance of the premier city, we suggest and trail you through a prehend test to make sure to give you the best of Abu Dhabi’s essence. Putting a bridge from heritage to contemporary cultural architecture, enable you to experience a nice time. So keep continue with us to know what you can do at Abu Dhabi halt. Especially we prefer you to have ideal visits on October to April sensing cool atmosphere and avoid Ramadan Rush.

Following is the general itinerary for the impressive quick roam complementary. It is all possible to do adjustments according to your flight time. Let’s start stopover roaming, here we go!

Stopover Roaming Agenda

Moring 10.00am – Visit to scared Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

After picking you up from Abu Dhabi airport, first you will visit to get the blessings from Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and it will please both your eyes and heart. Using your familiar language, a tour guide will tell you about the history and architectural importance of the large white-domed mosque while increasing your spiritual enlightenment. This grand mosque is a must to visit in Abu Dhabi for its beauty. So we start the journey from the sacred mosque

Around 11.30 PM –Visit to Heritage Village

This visit will gives you an opportunity to see how the Bedouin ancestors lived their lives and.It will make you to experience a great desert life, adventurous camel ride, views of mud houses and panoramas of Abu Dhabi city marina will add great memories to the day. Unforgettable camel ridings and feeding will also make you so excited. Actually Abu Dhabi is a city hold rich cultural and historic values. So within few hours of time let’s take the best.

Around 1:30 PM – Lunch : Emirati Cuisine 

We will take you to Dine in an Emirati restaurant with regards to your preference. Creating an unforgettable food memory enjoy

Around 4 pm – Enjoy beach

You may have heard about the elegant Emirates Palace Hotel is another must you should visit in Abu Dhabi stopover. You will be so lucky to see this gold marble hotel while having traditional Emirates place afternoon tea. Though you are not able to stay longer in the palace hotel, why not to see its beauty in an accelerated manner as a part of the quick stopover tour.

Around 6:00 PM – Visit Central Market Souk

We know you love shopping, especially the local Emirati products, Hand crafts, Gifts, Ornaments will attract you  to do shopping. You can go for a UAE Costume Photography and feel like a real emirati

Night – Visit shopping Malls and Skyscrapers

If the time permits you can enjoy places like Capital Gate, Sky towers. If you wish we will take you to shopping malls like Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Mall, Al Wahda Mall, Khalidiyah Mall etc. Well famous carpet souk, and spice souk also some other ideal places for lazy less shopping.

Hope now you know whenever you are in Abu Dhabi stopover how many interesting things are there for you without feeling bored! Yes! No bored anymore at Abu Dhabi Stopover.

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