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Best Time To Visit Abu Dhabi
March 1st, 2015

Abu Dhabi, the beloved holiday destination is the best place to enjoy a stroll in the lush beachside promenade or enjoy an adventure right out of the Arabian tales. The ultimate blend of antique and contemporary, Abu Dhabi is revolutionizing city living, with greener and sustainable buildings that contribute to an eco-friendly tomorrow. This breathtaking Emirati city packs a punch of adventure, with the right glimpse of surprise and a heaping of activities that keep broadening almost every year.

Finally being able to visit Abu Dhabi is like a dream come true. After all, it is the chance of a lifetime to step foot in a city that might not look the same in a few years time. Rapidly evolving with every rotation of the earth, Abu Dhabi is teeming with tourists. Even though it is a perfect year round destination, let us take a look into the most happening months of the year of Abu Dhabi.

The most favorable time to visit Abu Dhabi solely relies on the reason you wish to visit. However, when planning your Abu Dhabi itinerary, you should keep in mind the activities you prefer to take part in and the Abu Dhabi weather. You should take into consideration the weather factors and even pack accordingly. Don’t worry we will make it easier for you!

October – April (Best Time To Visit)

The popular seasons for tourists, these are the winter months of Abu Dhabi weather. This is the best time for desert adventures like safaris and dune bashing or beach visits. Taking leisurely walks around the Abu Dhabi Island is also loved at this time because of the wonderful weather. Average temperatures range from 29◦C, being the highest and 18◦C being the lowest. The malls are filled with autumn-winter collections and winter sales.

Must Know:

It’s really breezy during these months so My Abu Dhabi Holidays advices you to take warm clothes like

  • Boots
  • Shawls
  • Jackets
  • Pullovers
  • Overcoats

Key Events:

May – September

These are the summer months and hotel prices are usually at a discount. This is the best time to go if you are looking for a good bargain for summer hotel offers. Beach visits during this season can be really hot and humid. Average temperatures range from 40◦C being the highest and 31◦C, being the lowest.

July to August:

This is considered as the hottest months throughout the year and temperatures normally go above 40◦C.

June to September:

The temperatures during these months are similar to that of July and August.

Must Know:

Don’t forget to pack Sunscreen lotion to protect you and your family from the scorching sun of Abu Dhabi.


Although Abu Dhabi is a modern city, short, revealing or tight clothes are considered disgraces, especially if worn in public places. It is best to cover your shoulders and wear attire that covers up to the knees. On the beach, a bikini or normal bathing suit is allowed, but avoid ‘thong’ bikini bottoms or topless sunbathing as it is considered immoral.


1. what are the most essential things to pack if I am traveling to Abu Dhabi?

Since Abu Dhabi is a bit conservative because of its Islamic heritage, it is wise to pack clothes that don’t reveal too much. During the winter months of October to April, make sure to bring along winter wear like shawls and jackets, in case there is a cool breeze.

2. When is the best time to visit Abu Dhabi for outdoor activities like Dune bashing, safaris, etc

The most favorable duration to visit Abu Dhabi for these activities is October to April, because the Abu Dhabi weather is perfect during this season.

Whatever the time you wish to visit Abu Dhabi, keep it in your mind to make sure to check what is the suitable type of Visit Visa based on your nationality and length of time you wish to stay.

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