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Delightful Desert Safari Abu Dhabi
February 19th, 2015

At our tour to Abu Dhabi, we were really impressed and still love recalling the memories of the Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi. So whenever you visit the busiest capital, Abu Dhabi, don’t miss a desert Safari in the vast sandy land and dunes. Here is the gist of our delightful Abu Dhabi desert safari. We share this with you in the hopes of getting you as excited as we were, to experience one of the best safaris.

We started our marvelous overnight Abu Dhabi safari with the sun rise and we were picked up at Khalifa Park Salam Street in Abu Dhabi. Our excitement gradually increased because the tour guide assigned for us inspired our dormant curiosity with his manner of storytelling about the Abu Dhabi desert. The breathtaking and scenic five hour drive onboard a 4×4, air-conditioned Land Cruiser was smooth and relaxing because the experienced driver made us feel so comfortable throughout the journey towards our exciting Desert safari Abu Dhabi awaiting us at the end of the long drive.

When our vans stepped into the desert parking area and the driver let some air out from the tires to start driving in the sand was like saying “hello!” to the Abu Dhabi desert.  At several picturesque eye-catching places, some of us ran around and took several idiotic pictures of ourselves with crazy angles and faces in the back ground of the pretty desert.

Driving up, over, and going down and in on the dunes was really fun and exhilarating. The sand flew up against the windows, we felt like we were going to fall over the sand cliff and we screamed, giggled and banged into each other. Our happiness mixed with the magical gusts of desert wind was a heady mix, which made us feel light-hearted with joy.

We really loved the leisurely Camel ride. They say never to judge a book by its cover, similarly never judge a ride by its camel, and believe us it’s more fun to ride than it looks. Actually the thrill cannot be expressed! Although, riding is a rather bumpy experience, it was surely a valuable one. While onboard the camel, we saw many camel farms and their daily tasks they go through to provide sustenance to the camels. We even met a camel whisperer. I don’t think you’d ever want to miss the chance of crossing the desert on a camel! Be prepared for the lurch of getting up and then getting back down at the end!

The delightful desert Safari Abu Dhabi, as it name denotes is full with endless happiness, we had lovely henna painting in our hands and foot and admired the captivating Arabic cultural arts.Sand surfing and ski also gave us a more adventurous mood and a nice doze of adrenaline that would last us a few months.After having great fun in Desert safari Abu Dhabi we tasted a delicious continental buffet dinner, soft drinks, regular tea and coffee to sup as to refresh our self.After that we got back to the hotel, our sanctum in the desert and took a relaxing soak in the pool, while the panorama relaxed our soul and mind.

In the same manner, the thrill of Abu Dhabi overnight safari gave us the simultaneous pleasure,

As it was Fantastic overnight camping in the coolest desert under the twinkling stars. Live Oud music, Belly dancer show and Arabic coffee prior to the yummy dinner under the desert stars. We can still recall the memory of wearing Bedouin style suit and the warmth of bonfire as it is.

So as we love this tour, we want you also to enjoy the Desert of Abu Dhabi. No doubt, you will say wow, whenever you recall your memory of Amazing Abu Dhabi Safari.

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