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Liwa Desert Tour Abu Dhabi
March 14th, 2015

My Abu Dhabi Holiday’s  take a brief glance exploring the charm of the  pink sand dunes ,capturing wildlife of the largest desert in Arabia. First, let’s get to know a bit about the pink and gold canvas. The Rub Al Khali is famously known as the second biggest desert in the globe. Majority of it falls into Arabian territory, covering parts of Oman, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The sand dunes of this marvelous terrain can reach surprising heights of almost 250 meters. Rewind back around 6,000 years back and the core of the Liwa desert will be thriving with lakes that were formed due to collection of rainfall known as the Liwa oasis. This water gave life to  many flora and fauna and fossils of many animal species like hippopotamus, cattle and fresh water clams have been found. Surprisingly, there is also proof of human activities dating back to 3,000 years, but no fossils of humans have been discovered. Geographically, beneath the barren Liwa desert’s sand dunes is hidden a very valuable gift to the Arabian Peninsula, crude oil. Yes, it is the biggest oil field in the entire world.

Spend a day in the desert exploring the following:

  1. Abu Dhabi National Auto Museum

Admire the vast collection of the ‘Rainbow Sheikh’, Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. He was lovingly nicknamed this by the locals because of his Mercedes Benz fleet of cars, for every day in the week, in the seven different colors of the rainbow. Each of these cars are personalized and customized with refrigerators and TVs. Housed inside this pyramid-shaped structure are 250 cars ranging from concept cars to American Classics. Situated near Liwa Oasis, some of the cars were also featured in the famous automobile show, top gear. You can also get the chance to look at some strange vehicles like the monster truck, the Globe Trailer and eight-bedroom motor home.

  1. Liwa Fort

One of the free things to do in liwa, These forts were built out of mud bricks and straw 200 to 300 years ago. They were built so that Bedouin tribes can guard their water wells from other rival tribes because water was really scarce. The Abu Dhabi Government has taken the initiative to restore these prehistoric forts. Visitors can have a glimpse of the ancient way of Bedouin living and marvel at these wonderful antique.


Choose from two of the best hotels in the Liwa Oasis to stay at.

  1. Tilal Liwa Hotel Abu Dhabi

If you want to experience the comfort while admiring the wonderful landscape of sand dunes, the Liwa hotel abu dhabi is the ideal option. Choose from a selection of rooms like the Deluxe Courtyard rooms or the relaxing executive suite.

  1. Qasr Al Sarab Resort

Enhance the experience of your safari by staying at this luxurious oasis amidst the mystical desert. Relax in interiors reflecting luxurious Middle Eastern interiors with windows overlooking pools and the sand dunes of Liwa. Don’t give up this chance to be desert royalty for a day!


1 what is the entry fee for the Emirates National Auto Museum?

The fee for adults is 50 AED ($13.6) and children under 10 years of age are granted free access & some time the museum closed due to some maintenance, please check out before you go

2. Is it possible to do some activities in Qasr Al Sarab without staying there ? 

Yes it is possible to their activities

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