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Adventurous Campsites Of UAE
February 25th, 2015

Leave behind all your posh technology or luxurious beds and come experience the embrace of Mother Nature. Whether you wish to hike over the rugged trails of the Hajar foothills, admire the azure blue waters of the sea from Wadi Sana or enjoy a fine camping BBQ while savoring the view of the fjords of Khor Najd, overnight camping in UAE will be an experience of a lifetime.Leave your fears in the attic and come explore the breathtaking deserts and hiking trails of UAE. You will never think of camping as a terrifying activity anymore.

We have got your back, mate!

Even if this is your first time overnight camping in Abu Dhabi or you are an all-time camping enthusiast, My Abu Dhabi Holiday’s experienced camping instructors have got you covered. Our trained instructors are familiar with all the camping sites and equipped with the multitude of camping supplies to ensure a safe and fun trip. All you have got to do is enjoy roasted marshmallows around a campfire and unwind under the blanket of stars in the UAE sky and leave the rest to My Abu Dhabi Holidays.

Important info
  • My Abu Dhabi Holidays suggests you to have your passport with you as some of these locations cross the Oman border.
  • A ten day tourist itinerary at the border costs roughly around 50 AED or 5 OMR.
  • Make sure to arrange for an Oman car insurance before heading over for a trip that crosses the border. However, this can also be arranged for at the border.

Places to Camp


Khasab Musandham

Famously known as the Norway of Arabia, this mountain rangeis a wonderful setting for hiking or full day treks. It offers the most spectacular view of dramatic mountain ranges of the Musandham peninsula. Admire the barren beauty of Mother Nature and take part in a wide range of camping sports UAE has to offer like hiking, mountain biking, etc.

Directions: Follow the same directions as that to Ras Al Khaimah and head straight to the border at Al Rams. Enjoy this long coastal road trip.

Do not miss: Make sure to say hi to the dolphins as you snorkel around Telegraph Island.


Ras Al Khaimah Desert

Get an insight of the nomadic way of life by going camping in Ras Al Khaimah. Ras Al Khaimah also known as the “Top of the Tent” is situated in the northern part of UAE and experiences hot summers and mild winters. Make sure to drop by the region’s historical sites and do not miss the famous falcon show.

Directions: Head towards Ras Al Khaimah by taking the northern route of the Emirates Road. Head to the highway J119 and take the south-east route and head straight for 2.5km. Then turn left at a gravel road that heads towards the miniature farms.

Do not miss: Camp in an open space, under the bright stars

Liwa Oasis

Set eyes on magnificent sand dunes, as far as the eye can see. Whether you are a tourist or an adventure seeker, you are sure to have a wonderful time experiencing dune bashing or 4×4 drives. Additionally, you get to take a glance of the date farms and the lifestyle of the Bedouin tribes. Liwa is an amazing destination in UAE and 2.5 hours drive away from Abu Dhabi


Hajar Foothills  

Situated between Oman and UAE, this is an excellent location to set up camp if you are going on a hike. This mountainous terrain is full of steep cliffs and deep valleys generously dotted with juniper, apricot, olive and fig trees. Now you can enjoy a breathtaking view right from your camp!

Directions: Take the Emirates Road which is facing north, and head over to E88 (Al Dhaid Road) which heads to Masafi. Surrounded by high ways, you will come across a labyrinth of tracks and wadis waiting to be explored. You can either explore them by foot or on a mountain bike.

Do not miss: The miniature native museum situated in Taybah village.

Jebel Shams

This wonderful terrain formed by magma and river is famously known as the Grand Canyon of Oman. Campers will have to take a 30 minute ride on a 4×4 through gravel tracks to reach the top. Once you are at the top, it’s a site to behold! The view of tiny villages, romantic sunsets and breathtaking sunrises will be etched in your memory. This site is a treasure trove for geologists.

Directions: Go down the E66 from Al Ain and turn onto Highway 21, street 137. Keep going on highway 21 and go via Bahla and Ibri.

Do not miss: the ancient village of Al Ghul and the grand canyon of the Middle East. If time permits, drop by at Misfat Al abriyin, an ancient village displaying the engineering feat, the falaj water system.

Wadi Sana

Enjoy a stunning 360◦ view right in the comfort of your camp chair. Set camp at the plateau of Wadi Sana and enjoy a magnificent vista of the Rocky Mountains. The road leading to the plateau is a bit rough, so it is suggested to use a 4×4. If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, you are sure to enjoy the ride downhill.


Pearl Coast

This is the best chance to camp in the pristine white sands, just a few inches away from the azure blue waters. If you are a sport fanatic, the best time to camp here would be in March. You will be able to enjoy a full weekend of sports because of the Camping sports UAE festival; The Al Gharbia Water sports Festival. Get a charge out of kayaking, beach football, kite surfing and many more, all for free and accompanied with wonderful music. Not only that, you might also get the chance to view flocks of flamingoes or visit Dhelma Island, one of the most famous desert islands of Abu Dhabi.

Umm Al Quwain

If you are planning on camping with your family, then you can’t be mistaken with a beach camp. Be sure to tuck in your fishing gear if you enjoy fishing so that you can enjoy a freshly caught meal. This is the ideal place for family camping, but set camp a bit further away from the shore as the tides can increase at night time.

Directions: Head towards Ajman by taking the Emirati road. When you spot signs for dreamland waterpark, turn and head to Al Rafaah.

Do not miss: The old fishing village along the Al Raas peninsula. Increased chances of spotting wild birds like flamingoes, so carry a pair of binoculars.

Safety Tips


1. Make sure your mobile is fully charged, or carry a portable power pack that is fully charged.

2.Make sure to pack warm clothing as desert and some of these locations can get a bit cold at night due to the open space.

3.Make sure to wear strong boots to safeguard yourself from scorpion stings and snake bites.


1.Do not forget your passport at your hotel.

2.Do not come unprepared.

3.Do not leave remnants of food lying around at night time. This can drawin animals and bugs.

You might have a few questions you are curious to get answers for, let us answer some for you.

Q1) Are the cars fitted with GPS?

Yes, the cars are fitted with GPS and first aid kits to ensure maximum safety for all our customers.

Q2) Do I have to carry my passport?

Yes, especially if your camp spot is near the Oman border or passed it. For instance, Kasab Musandham, Hajar foothills, Jebel Shams, Wadi Sana, to name a few.

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