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Fruitful Al Ain Oasis
March 14th, 2015

Travelling through the barren sands of the golden Arabian Desert, you see the faded sight of palm trees. As you get closer and closer, you realize that what you saw wasn’t a mirage, but a plush green land with so many trees and a refreshing calm pond in the middle of it. This is not a dream, it does exist in reality. The spring of Arabia, “Al Ain Oasis” is a gift by God to Al Ain city as it holds the most dense and abundant land among the seven oasis, the names of which are, Al Jahili, Qattara, Al Mutaredh, Al Jimi, Al Muaiji. This Oasis is one of the best tourists’ eyes grabbing hotspot as it reveals the secrets of cultural, environmental and historic values of ancient Al Ain city to the present  era. So among the list of things to do in Al Ain this is one of the best unavoidable attractions. This tourist hotspot is sure to get you surprised by its scenic beauty, land fertility and fruitful cultivations with well-designed irrigation systems.

Alright! Though you have a bit of interest to visit this rich land at the moment, surely, after reading this you will be counting the days until you set foot on the sands of the Al Ain Oasis as it is a wonderful performance of Mother Nature’s gloriousness. The Al Ain Oasis is just a one and a half hour drive away from the Abu Dhabi International Airport. Boulevards in varying shades of green, ancient water channels of an irrigation system and so many other wonderful sights are just a vacation away.

In the core of Al Ain, the oasis is blessed with palm agricultural estates. The shaded, tranquil footpaths will give you a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, making you feel like you are in an Emirati heaven. The chirping of the birds, the rustle of the palm trees and the sound of the gentle breeze will be better than any music you have ever heard.

The palm estates in this inter-city heaven is sustained and given life by utilizing a labyrinth of a 3 millennia-ancient irrigation system. This ancient irrigation system is known as falaj and is still used by contemporary farmers to direct water from boreholes to water tanks and farms. This stands as a testimony of the power of knowledge in the ancient times. The farms are entirely dependent on these water canals to supply water to them. The estates span over roughly 3,000 acres and enclose above 147, 000 date palms of around 100 different species. The oasis can be entered through any of the eight different entrances.

If you are visiting this Oasis remember it is better to go on November and December, during which the date fruits ripen and become the succulent, delicious fruit we all love to enjoy. This symbolizes how the miracles of nature bring life to everyone, even those in the desert.

The relaxing and green surroundings of this wonderful Oasis will make your spirits soar and your heart sing. Witness the Pride of the UAE desert. Now, you can tell your friends that you have experienced an Emirati fairytale.

Q1) what are the opening times for Al Ain Oasis?

The oasis opens at morning and closes at 6.30 pm on a daily basis

Q2) Is the Oasis near the Al Ain National Museum?

Yes, it is.

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