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Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi
June 30th, 2015

Life of  Abu Dhabi Eastern Mangrove

Abu Dhabi Eastern Mangrove, one of the best natural habitats for aquatic and bird lives which have rich bio diversity as an eco-system. Green waterway and the  peaceful surrounding covered with the greenery under the blue sky makes attractive sceneries that relax you for a while in the hustle bustle life.  Usually Mangroves grow in saline water as short trees and shrubs. It absorbs the salt in the water and filter the water with its roots. Mangroves belong to flora family and have high adaptive capacity in the coastal conditions. Abu Dhabi coast and the Mangrove are inherent items of the country that enhance the country’s beauty further.  While preserving these natural resources, Abu Dhabi take the maximum utilization to give a pleasurable experience for local and international tourists who visit Abu Dhabi tourism hotspot.  This article brings the gist of Mangrove ecosystem and about the pleasure hunting activities in Abu Dhabi Mangrove.

Abu Dhabi Mangroves plays a major role in balancing the ecological well being of the environment.  Abu Dhabi Environment Agency takes all the steps to protect Mangroves including Gray Mangrove Avicinnia Marina.  Forestry and bushes grown in the shallow waters of city coast acts as a guardian from the tidal waves and water currents. The greenish water rich with nutrients of decomposed leaves, wood, algae and worms hidden under the Eastern Mangrove water. Actually this is the home for feathery birds and mammals including four feet animals such as Fox. Especially Avicennia Marina which is called as “Qurm” naturally conceived species as grey or white colour leaves here. This is actually a gift from God to Abu Dhabi city, though it possesses less forest areas in the dry desert land.

We know you love animals. This mangrove gives space for birds to live and fly in and around. Greater Flamingo, Clamorous Reed Warbler, Common Myna, Marsh Warbler and Collared Kingfisher are some of the bird inhabitants in t Abu Dhabi Mangrove. While becoming shelter for a large network of species, massive mangrove root structure reduces the damages from coastal erosion. In 2004 Tsunami is a best example how it prevent occurring natural disasters by defending the land area from massive waves. So it is correct to name Mangrove Abu Dhabi as one of the Natural guardians of the city.

At the same time balance of evaporation and transpiration of oxygen and CO2 in the hash direct sun exposure, Eastern Mangrove contributes to stimulate the factors affect for a better climatic condition in surrounding area.  Crabs, Shrimps, Prawns, Oysters live inside this eco system in the muddy water is another importance of this ecosystem. Abu Dhabi food chain and ecological food print also get the influence of this Mangrove ecosystem for certain extent.

Things to do in Abu Dhabi Mangrove

Real adventures that locals and both tourists love to get into the Kayaking boat and paddle towards the forest. It is a great experience for adventure lovers.

Experience the natural beauty when looking at the species, plants in the Mangrove. Learn more about the Eco system by visiting the place.

  • Bathing

Enjoy bathing in the mangrove water. It will increase the excitement further in this tour of Eastern Mangrove

Stay in a nice Mangrove hotel for a change in a nature-friendly destination. This is one of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi

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