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Knowledgeable falcon hospital tour Abu Dhabi
March 1st, 2015

Have you always wanted to hear the swooshing sound and feel the gust of air that blows when a majestic falcon flies? Maybe you have always wanted to see up-close the flapping wings of the courageous national bird of UAE. As always, Abu Dhabi fulfills that wish of yours too. Even the most ferocious birds require a bit of cooling down and relaxing. My Abu Dhabi Holiday’s can schedule a unique Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital tour where you can get a first-hand experience of falcon treatment.

The symbol of force and courage

For the Bedouins of UAE, the falcon is a valued possession that signifies nobility, sportsmanship, survival, honor and virtue. This prestigious bird was originally used for hunting wild birds and rabbits at a time when guns were not powerful enough to hunt from long distances. Its agility while flying makes it a good hunting companion. Not only that, it is utilized to find water in regions where water is scarce. The ability of it to see from great distances has resulted in falconry going back to more than 2000 years in UAE.  Back in history, falcons were caught and trained. Since they are migratory birds, they were set free during migration season. However, the Falcon would always come back to its owner. Nowadays, falcons are trained and kept year round by their owners. This bird is the pride and prestige of the owner. There are many sports these days that show off the skill and capabilities of this majestic bird. It even needs its own passport to fly around the world!

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital has taken care of more than 42,000 falcons since its inception in 1999. Get closer to falcons than you could have ever imagined by entering the hospital’s huge free-flight aviary, where falcons will fly above you freely. If you have no idea why Falcons are such a valued bird in Abu Dhabi, heading over to the one-of-a-kind falconry museum will give you loads of information. You can learn the traditional legacy of falconry and explore the exhibits of exceptional falconry equipment and tools. Once you are done with that, you can stop by the examination room to witness these birds getting their wings repaired or maybe even having a relaxing pedicure. What makes this tour more interesting is the interactive and captivating explanations of a friendly tour guide who accompanies you throughout this tour. However, the best part of this tour is having the breathtaking chance of having this magnificent bird perch on your arm in the attractive hospital gardens.

  • Directions to get there:

The world’s largest treatment centre for falcons, the Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi is located at close proximity to the Abu Dhabi international airport. Head to the road E20 also known as Sweihan Road and go over to Falah City. Head straight, 3 kilometers after the junction of Highway E11, take a right turn and follow the directions given by the signposts to the hospital.

Tour Options

  • Three Hour Tour

The one-of-a kind tour provides you with a chance to witness falcons up close and personal, while getting a deep knowledge about the world of the magnificent birds. In this tour, you will get an idea of the history of falconry along with an insight of how falcons live today.

You can take a look at the falconry museum where the traditional legacy of falconry and exhibitions demonstrate falconry equipments and tools. As you head in to the examination room to witness the birds undergoing treatment.

The tour also comes with a delicious lunch served in buffet-style, catered by the Abu Dhabi National Hotel and served in the traditional seating of an Arabic tent.


Q1) Is transportation included in the package?

            No, transport is not a part of the package.

Q2) Can we opt out of the buffet lunch?

            Yes, if you have other plans for lunch, we can arrange the two hour tour for you.

 My Abu Dhabi Holidays had a memorable experience with these wonderful birds and the awesome guide. Watching them fly and feeling their wings as they perched on our hands is something we will always remember. The pride for our national bird has increased after our falcon hospital tour Abu Dhabi and we want our valued tourists to feel the same way too.

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