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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – A World Like No Other
February 25th, 2015

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi venue at Yas Island is an exceptional theme park beyond any comparison. It is leading as the world’s ever largest indoor theme park. Abu Dhabi Ferrari World under the largest roof ever.Than just a leisure park, there would be energy, excitement and passion for your entire family. Mid of all these specialties, Ferrari Abu Dhabi holds another remark to Abu Dhabi’s pride. Despite whatever your age is, Ferrari world make you to experience every aspect of the Ferrari story.  Do you know!  Ferrari Abu Dhabi designed at the name of famous Italian automobile manufacturing company Ferrari? Exactly it is!

Additionally a wide range of Italian restaurants, cheerful shopping experiences and super entertainment makes it unique. All together beloved Ferrari World is absolutely a travel to a world like no other.

What are the choices in Ferrari World?

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is more than just a theme park, it is the total Ferrari experience, a place that nobody ever gone before. With over 20 distinctive rides and attractions, each design to bring life to a different part of Ferrari story.

Choices of Attractions are themed as Family, Kids, and Thrill. Enough daydreaming! Start your Ferrari drives to the Ferrari World with My Abu Dhabi Holidays. Let’s start the journey now itself. Here we go!

Kiddy’s Fun

For your tiny kids, this is where the Ferrari magic comes to life. You parents need not to worry, all Attraction fee included in Ferrari World ticket price itself, so let your little heroes to enjoy more and more.

  • Junior GT 

    Junior Pilota’s Driving SchoolCan you believe your kid is driving a car in his tiny ages? The base for their very first driving lessons in their lives is here. Watching an educational film and experts’ instructions to drive the wheels of fun-sized 430 GT Spider. Our sweet Junior Pilotas will learn how to keep it safe while enjoying driving their very first Ferrari.

  • Junior Grand prix 

    Junior Pilota’s racing schoolHone kiddy’s racing skills. Hey babies, go fast! Watching a Junior Grand Prix educational film, experts instructions will hone kiddy’s racing skills.

  • Khalil’s Car Wash

    Your little hero racers will love the family friendly play area! Kids can climb the grandstand, can drive and play

Family Fun

Than enjoying with your family together, what else makes you so happy! Yep, Italy is in Abu Dhabi now. Enjoy your Italian Ferrari with your entire family. Experience these adventurous Rollercoaster rides, Teacup rides, Mille Miglia race, and 4-D fantasy dreamscape ride packages distinctive to thrilling World of Ferrari.

  • speed of magic

    4d journey with nello and roam around every where

  • Made in maranello

    The ferrari factory tour

  • Galleria ferrari

    This the art of the ultimate display of ferrari cars

  • Cinema maranello

    For the love of the race

  • Driving with the champion

  • Fast lane

    The integrative game show

  • Tyre twist

  • Viaggio in italia

    flying over italy

  • Bell’italia

    Down the winding roads of italia

Thrill of Adrenaline kick

The excitement and adrenaline rush is something that thrill seekers come from many distances to experience .Teenagers and Adults , Put yourself in the race and take on the most challenging F1 courses and see what a Ferrari charged adrenaline kick feels like at 240 km/hr, if you’re up to the challenge. Formula Rossa, Scuderia Challenge, Fiorano GT Challenge, Karting Academy are all designed to increase your Adrenaline. Have super fun out of it!

  • Formula Rossa 

    Screams of joy and excitement can be heard from the other side of the park! Needless to say, you’ll have to wear safety goggles for the duration of the ride on Grand Prix speeds Rollercoaster.

  • Scuderia Challenge

     (There is an additional charge of AED 100 to experience the thrill)
    Want to feel like an F1 Racer? Race in the virtual Yas Marina circuit and beat the highest lap times.

  • Fiorano GT Challenge

     Experience the thrill of a real drag race as you compete to the finish line in this adventurous Rollercoaster.

  • Karting Academy

    whether you are a beginner or a skilled racer, you and your family will have a blast go karting at the Karting Academy.

 Opening hours and Tickets

 From January 11th – January 31st –   Everyday: 10:00AM – 09:00PM

Standard Opening Times            –  All week days :11:00AM – 08:00PM

Ferrari Store Opening hours      –   10:15AM – 08:00PM

With transfer and without transfer, including the pickups from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you can have the choices of General Admin tickets for both Adults and Kids. At the same time, Premier admission tickets is also there for Adults and kids, if you wish to have it.

How safety proof Ferrari World games are?

In order to make sure fun and safety experience in Ferrari World, the management and maintenance team always check the roller coaster traces and other electrical vehicles status. You have to follow their guidelines at the same time when you enjoy there, most of the time the staff will verbally communicate with you. They always think of your safety first.

  • Following are some of the other things that you should remember
  • Definitely you must be taller 1.3 m to participate or ride any attraction in the park.
  • You should wear the appropriate cloths for the rides, the staff will advice you
  • Advice your children the waiting places where you wait until  they finish the games
  • Keep the tickets carefully until you get out from the park
  • If you have any medical or health problem it is better not to involve in riding activities
  • If you are overweight please notice the ride vehicle is alright with you and not.
  • Persons who are so sensitive to the lights and flashes should avoid the attractions of such
  • Taking pictures and Videos can be stopped any time by the management team and staff for safety reasons.
  • 24/7 CCCTV camera detective coverage is there for your protection
  • Smoking and Use of drugs and liquor is also prohibited in this amusement park

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