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Fruitful Al Ain Oasis
December 22nd, 2015

The spring of Arabia, Al Ain Oasis is a gift by God to Al Ain city as it holds the most prosperous lush land among the seven oasis of its own. This Oasis is one of the best tourists’ eyes grabbing hotspot as it reveals the secrets of cultural, environmental and historic values of ancient Al Ain city to the prevailing era. So among the list of things to do in Al Ain this is one of the best unavoidable attractions to get surprised about its scenic beauty, Land fertility and Fruitful cultivations with irrigation system.

Alright! Though you have a little interest to go this rich land at the moment, sure after reading you will count the days until you reach to the Al Ain Oasis as it is a real teacher teaches the lessons of Mother Nature. When mentioning about the venue of Al Ain Oasis, it is located in at the one and half hours distance from Abu Dhabi airport. Richness of ancient inventions of irrigation technology made the Oasis more reputed all over the world. Highlighting the Bedouin habits and best practices.

It is lovely to see 3 millenniums old canal linked with underground irrigation system which is called “falaj” still use by the contemporary farmers also to bring water from boreholes to water farms and palm trees. This has proven the ancient power and knowledge is not second to any other. Especially the Date cultivation is a predominant cultivation in the Oasis occupying large stretches of the desert land and entirely those are depends on the water received from the Main canal.

If you are visiting this Oasis remember it is better to go on June and July as it is the time that dates green color popping up and start to appear as fruits. This symbolizes how the nature do miracle in the desert lands. 3000 acre of contains over 147,000 date palms with hundreds of various varieties are cultivated in the last stretches making pleasant views to eyes.

The walk ways make a path to go around the Date cultivation with tranquil mind. Your heart will whisper woo! It is really amazing to see the greenery sceneries the oasis, Bliss your heart and soul to see the courage of UAE Pride.

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