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How to Apply for Abu Dhabi Family Visa? Information Blog only
October 27th, 2015

Abu Dhabi Family Residence Visa

United Arab Emirates is one of the most functioning cities in the world in terms of Business and Livelihood. Asian, Middle Eastern and some of the European community mostly agglomerate to UAE for job and business purposes. Predominately, the advantages of living in United Arab Emirates increase the interest in people to move here. Free tax status, Standard life style, Opportunities for business growth & development, Political & Economic stability are some of the major reasons that UAE became a demanding city in world job market.

Hope you know, it’s a must to have a resident visa (residence permit) before starting any kind of business or job inside UAE for non-citizens. Though the rule is like that there is nothing to worry, since obtaining Residency Visa is relatively easy and fast. The only condition in obtaining UAE Resident Visa is fulfilling the necessary requirements correctly and completely.

Difference between UAE Resident Visa and UAE Tourist Visa

  • In contrast to UAE Tourist Visa which is issued for less than 3 months stay, UAE resident visa is issued for 2 years or 3 years time. Usually, Government Companies are opting 3 years Resident Visa and Private Organizations are opting 2 years Resident Visa permits by the immigration.
  • Unlike Tourist Visa, Resident Visas have the liability in renewing the visa on expiry without any limitations. Also, UAE Resident Visa Holders are entitled for the Permanent Residency of UAE.
  • By obtaining UAE Resident Visa, a visa sticker will be pasted in your passport and you will be given an Emirates Identity card which contains general information about yourself for inside country purposes.

Obtaining UAE Resident Visa for Family Members

  • You can obtain the Resident Visa to UAE for your immediate family members such as wife/husband, mother, father and children below 18 years.

Visa Validity

  • In order to keep Resident Visa valid, it’s required to enter United Arab Emirates at least once in six months. If you don’t enter the country within 6 months period, automatically your visa will be blocked.

Required Documents

  • Immigration file : A file should be open in the immigration under sponsor name, will be costing 250 AED ontime charges. A immigration file number will be given for the sponsor to use life long for any immigration related work
  • Prepaid e-form application (available at Typing Centre – Government & Semi Government Employees :300 AED, Private Sector Employees :350 AED & Urgent Service :Additional 100 AED charge
  • Passport copy: All information pages should be submitted
  • Emirates ID of the sponsor 
  • One white background photograph of each resident visa applicant
  • Sponsor’s passport copy and Emirates ID Copy
  • Attested Marriage Certificate (Attestation from UAE Embassy in your home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE) should be legally translated to Arabic
  • Attested Birth Certificates of Children (Attestation from UAE Embassy in your home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE) should be legally translated to Arabic
  • Tenancy Contract (Accommodation Rental Agreement – It has to be attested by Department of municiapal affairs  – Tawtheeq) and Electricity bill
  • Employment Contract / Salary Certificate (the salary shall not be less than AED 4000 or AED 3000 + accommodation) should be translated to Arabic
  • Singleness Confirmation Letter (Singleness certificate) in Arabic for daughter older than 18 years,
  • It has to be in Arabic with the signatures of Parents, stating that the daughter has never married. After attesting from your home country relevant court/legal body, Foreign Ministry and UAE Embassy, then you can get the attestation from UAE courts for the validity of this document.

If the Sponsor is Investor/Partner, the following additional documents are required

• Copy of Company’s Trade License
LLC Agreement
• Copy of Investor Visa Guarantee Deposit Receipt

  • For each dependent : 3000 AED (This has to be deposited in Commercial bank of Dubai in UAE Immigration Department)

Status change

If your family is already inside UAE, as soon as the UAE entry permit is issued, get a Status Change Form done from a Typing Center and submit to Immigration Department.

Any type of Tourist Visa can be used for the Status Change along with the Original Passport and Original Visa.

  • Status Change Typing Center fee : 550 AED
  • After that, sign the form and submit to Immigration Department.
  • After on, you can type the forms of Emirates ID, Medical and Visa Stamping at the same time  & visa stamping charges normal 450 AED urgent 550 AED per applicant

Please note that the information provided above is just for your awareness. There may be exceptions due to the changes/amendments in rules & regulations by the Immigration Department. My Abu Dhabi Holidays cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information regarding UAE Family Resident Visa on internal authentications. Since most of our Clients inquire about UAE Family Resident Visa; this was duly made to help you with some important general information only

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