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Jewelling Jebel Hafeet Night View
February 25th, 2015

As night falls, the lights emerging from Al Ain city appear to form a beautiful pride bride who wears a colorful golden dress. This golden dress seems to cover the darkness of the night highlighting the awesome beauty of Al Ain city of its own. With intrigue, Al Ain Jebel Hafeet hilltop niche allows you to capture the exhibiting flourishing views of Al Ain UAE to its fullest. Therefore whenever you pass Al Ain, never miss to stop and lavish Jebel Hafeet Mountains and Jebel Hafeet night view. Ha ha! By the time are we inspired your curiosity? Then let’s go ahead to know more.

Nevertheless the great platforms of Jebel Hafeet Mountains is a well-reputed heritage landmark and particularly present-day tourist attraction, located in the exact point of South Al Ain city border shared with Oman. Construction of the highway in 1986 became the gate way to the summit of this majestic rocky mountain which approximately 1250m in height. The drive like a snake walk will be so much of fun and excitement while turning the binds all the way. Regular gentle breeze of the Al Ain will regulate your temptation and your want are perhaps hike up along the way parking slots. Thus superb backdrops are there, so why not to have photo shoots?

Absolutely while gazing down at Oasis city and spending sometime in a restaurant or cafe refreshment will enhance the affinity. Jebel Hafeet hotel is one of the ideal spots to fascinate you with night sceneries and recreate yourself.

Hence Jebel Hafeet Al Ain is a must to add in your tour dairy… it is all your with My Abu Dhabi Holidays. This is your time; Al Ain is waiting for you…

What are the things Jebel Hafeet famous for?

Apart from the atmospheric beauty of Jebel Hafeet Al Ain

  • Green Mubazarrah, Hot-water springs, swimming pools and Lake
  • Jabel Hafeet mountain
  • Jabel Hafeet road
  • The Jaball Hafeet Mercure Challenge
  • Habitat of animals including bats, foxes, and snakes
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