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February 25th, 2015

Abu Dhabi is another name for the gate way for a Shopper’s paradise. Veritably this T-shaped strip of island jutting into the Arabian Gulf is an amazing destination for thrilling excursions. Hot and cool climatic condition, Skyscrapers and Skyline and enormous tourism destinations beautify the city while increasing the attraction with the modern shopping Hotspots scattered throughout Abu Dhabi

You may have heard of Abu Dhabi shopping mall and complexes are not just shopping centers, pump the waters of real thrill spring of fashionable Shopping, restaurant and entertainment. So have an excellent shopping experience with City’s shopping hot spots, is a must whenever you visit UAE downtown. Hope you will love to read this and figures out the best places to roam around.  One two there… Here we go!

Marina Mall

This is a fashionable cooling shopping experience of leisurely shopping, dining and amusement. As one of the biggest and reputed shopping complex apparently having 400 retail shops with your favorite brands of Fancy items, Apparels, Electronic items, Home furnishing, Cars & Mercedes-Benz showroom, Saloons, Banks & financial services.

Be careful! you will be get lost at the stores of Carrefour, Fun City, Zara, Marks  & Spencer, Paris Gallery, VOX Cinemas, Emirates Bowling Village as  are so remarkable for the for Marina Mall Abu Dhabi.  Delicacies of 48 restaurants and cafes make the shopping more energetic. Cinema, kiddy’s play park and bowling alley also give a revolving shopping intimacy with handful shopping thrill.

Marina Mall is open for customers on Saturday to Wednesday from 10.00am to 10.00pm and exceptionally on Fridays from 4.00pm to 11.00pm.

Abu Dhabi Mall

This is another number one place for stylish shopping in modern Abu Dhabi city. More than 200 outlets are there inside the Abu Dhabi Mall.  Fashionable Clothing, Supermarkets, Furniture shops, Entertainment parks, Cinemas and banks are common items of the mall. From mid range to expensive range good quality shopping could be done at one roof the Mall as you want.  Specifically each single level of the complex have restaurants to refresh while busy shopping.

This will be open for customers on Saturday to Wednesday from 10.00am to 10.00pm and exceptionally on Fridays from 3.30 pm to 11.00pm.

Al Wahda Mall

Abu Dhabi shopping is not a perfect one without going to Abu Dhabi city heart Al Wahda Mall. This is an ideal place to dine and entertain among the best shopping malls in Abu Dhabi. Prompting world leading brands of cosmetics such as heavyweights Calvin Klein, Gap, Victoria’s Secret and MAC, becomes a hub to buy your favorite choices. Movie complex with 9 state-of-the-art cinema screens and hosting fun and sporting activities of bowling, indoor paintball, bumper cars, billiards, video games, face painting, indoor rock climbing gives a full fledge pleasure experience . So you try this place, will you?

Al Wahda Mall will be open on Sunday to Wednesday from 1.00 am to 10.00 pm and Thursday to Sat from 10.00 am to 11.00 pm.

Khalidiyah Mall

This is another shopping hotspot among superb malls in Abu Dhabi for a complete shopping outing. Shops of apparel, perfumes, Shoes, Bags, Sport wears, Home wares and furniture Banking services, Cafes & Restaurant Dine, Movies & Entertainment are much more effective than other usual places .Cine Royal Cinema, Sparky’s entertainment area special for kids, bowling venture and food courts, Ice cream will make it a great time.

Khalidiyah Mall will be open on Sunday to Wednesday 10.00 am to 10.00 pm and   Thursday to Sat 10.00 am to 11.00 pm


Don’t let that stop you from visiting to the Souk in Abu Dhabi as it is a must in your shopping hotspots. In fact you can enjoy Arabian cultural market reflect in Abu Dhabi souk. Following are some of the best shops that you can buy the items in Abu Dhabi souk.

Souk Al Zaafarana

This is the new home of the Abu Dhabi’s old souk featuring authentic Emirati cultural elements and traditions. Especially if you want to buy Abayas, kanduras, Incense, Spices, Henna, Ouds, Dallah Arabian coffee pot exactly this is the right place for you.

Souk Al Bawadi

Heritage feel with over 50 shops selling traditional items and souvenirs in this souk to keep as mementos of Abu Dhabi

Souk Al Qaws

Shops of a practical nature set among unique architecture, with over 40 service outlets including banks, money exchanges and travel agents.

Gold Souk

Gold jewelries and carvings with so many designs allows you to get lot what to chose as each Gold souk products are in finest quality. Whatever the fashion you need, Gold market of Abu Dhabi is a place where all your Golden dreams became true.  All the Gold types including 18, 21, 22, 24 Carat in different sizes and weights gives you more choices with reasonable prices for you to buy. Both handmade and Moulded Designs are available in this Abu Dhabi Gold souk with finest quality. Not only Emirati and Arabic designs but also Indian, Italian Jewellery designs are also available in this Souk increasing your choices.

Apart from Gold Jewellery, in this market you can buy Silver watches, Than the Dubai souk you have the advantage of buying Gold and Silver in less prices in Abu Dhabi.

Fish Souk

This place is close to Abu Dhabi harbour and you can buy fish and sea foods in cheap prices here.  Other than that there are Fish markets are there in Abu Dhabi city for you to buy different Kind of Fish varieties according to your choices. From early morning you can go there and can buy the fish, in “Mina Fish market” one of the fish souk stall for affordable prices.

Both local communities as well as the tourists visit this place to do the transactions. Tons of Fishes are daily on sale in this fish souk Abu Dhabi. Visit here and fulfill your interests in Sea food and buy for comparative cheap prices.

Al Mina Fruit and Vegetable Souk

A best place to buy fresh and nutritious fruits and Vegetables in Abu Dhabi.  This is a place that you can buy both in one place at one time under one roof.

Carpet Souk

Wide variety of Arabic and exotic carpet designs of China, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey are available at this souk. This is a only best-recommended place for you to buy customary Arabian cushions and carpets in your holidays of Abu Dhabi as to bring home.  All the carpets are available according to various color ranges and you can have different choices which are different in its designs to each other. Traditional bedspreads, mats and carpets are everywhere in this souk.  Because of the bargaining you can buy the products for cheaper prices in this Carpet souk Abu Dhabi.

Do you know, at all these souks you can bargain and does shopping for cheap prices than the other places as you do in traditional fairs? Indeed not only modern shopping malls but also Souk is also display an important character in Abu Dhabi shopping excitement in a cool manner.

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