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The Louvre Abu Dhabi
February 25th, 2015

UAE will be proudly giving birth to a cultural crossroad, the Louvre Abu Dhabi in December 2015 on the 44th national Day of UAE. This is wonderful news for the art enthusiasts of Arabia. The Louvre will be an extension of its counterpart in France, the home of the paintings of the remarkable painters, DaVinci and Raphael, to name a few. The museum is situated in the cultural district of Saadiyat island in Abu Dhabi and designed by Pritzker award-winning French architect Jean Nouvel. Abu Dhabi’s Louvre holds the title of being the first universal museum in the Arab world, another achievement to add to UAE’s long list of accomplishments. It is a testament to a 30 year cultural partnership between the United Arab Emirates and France.

Architecture reflecting Arab culture

This magnificent structure is a combination of modern architecture with hints of the Arab region’s traditions. Its main focus is on the famous symbol of Arabic Architecture, the dome. The museum is covered by a dome of 180 meter diameter, which symbolizes Islamic architecture commonly found in mosques and mausoleums. The domes meticulously designed geometric openings were inspired by the shapes created when palm leaves are interlaced to create roofs mostly found in the traditional souks. These openings will bring in a ‘rain of light’ giving visitors the feel of strolling amidst a modern Arabian souk. The building is positioned amidst sand and sea and illuminates the interior at night time with bursts of light. The museum extends into an archipelago which is constructed on the sea. The interior of the museum is enhanced with a system that maintains the internal temperature perfectly. After all, just like humans, neither do art pieces resist the sudden changes in temperature.  The floor on the exterior regions will be of light or dark colored pavements, whereas, in the interior, the floor will be covered with boards. The continuous walls are mostly made up of mineral like stucco or plaster, sometimes glass and seldom bronze, to reflect the history. All these are made more remarkable because the design is sustainable and has bagged the Green Building Award.

Curatorial Theory

This universal art museum Abu Dhabi has an ultimate goal of allowing visitors to explore how art matured in different civilizations and cultures in every part of the globe. The Louvre Abu Dhabi will extend its universal theory by displaying their artwork in a chronological order, unlike other museums around the world.

Famous Art from around the globe

Abu Dhabi’s Universal Museum has picked up 300 masterpieces from France, varying in artists from Monet and Leonardo to Van Gogh and Matisse. The museum will feature sculptures and paintings from 13 French cultural institutions. It will include Claude Monet’s Saint Lazare station, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Portrait of an Unknown woman and Andy Warhol’s Big Electric Chair and ancient vases, masks and statues from Asia and Africa. Other artworks of Jacques-Louis David’s Napoleon crossing the Alps and Titian’s the woman with a mirror are also loaned from France. The artworks on display have not been censored of any religious symbols and other conservative beliefs of the Emirati culture.

This structure is the brainchild of the spectacular Architect, Jean nouvel and involves the effort of so many, to bring his dream into reality. This will change the art world of the Middle East, as the Arabs can now enjoy the historical masterpieces of art at their doorstep. This marvelous work of art is sure to be a beloved destination for art lovers and is another star in the extraordinary list of buildings UAE has in its belt.

At the moment The Louvre Abu Dhabi closed for its construction.

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