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Things to do in Abu Dhabi
March 12th, 2015

Abu Dhabi the paradisiacal city in  Gulf region. Owned Emirati culture and the rapid development in every aspect make it more attractive. Abu Dhabi skyscrapers and the skyline always give a signal to all the locals and outsiders about the dignity and insights of the capital. So run down and catch all  Abu Dhabi exhilaration for a while in  the hustle and bustle life of yours. Relax in Abu Dhabi and create every lasting memory in an outlandish city.

Ok now let us have a look what to do in Abu Dhabi that all the trippers and travelers love to engage. Sunny and sandy land top attractions Abu Dhabi encompass all the tour and travelling experiences including, heritage tours, icons, Blue Sea and beach, inner desert and oasis safaris, Top classy and luxury hotel, Restaurants and Emirati cuisine, Theme parks and water parks, entertainment centers, Shopping complexes and so many other splashes are included for the what to do list in Abu Dhabi. Thousands of people worldwide seek for pleasurable travelling experiences and things to do in Abu Dhabi is under one umbrella.

Architectural and icons such as Sheik Zayed Grand mosque, big skyscrapers like Capital gate, Al Dar HQ make it all unique as to experience once in a lifetime. Places like Heritage Village and souks will show case the traditional Abu Dhabi culture. Liwa oasis and desert safaris, Camel rides, henna paintings make ever lasting impressions. Emirates place a real golden marble palace makes you to feel the royalty as a king or queen among the things to do Abu Dhabi. April from that Ferrari world, Auto museum, Yas water worlds and theme parks allow enjoying the adrenaline rush jumping into the watery game pools. Art galleries, Theaters and Cinemas not only that immense serenity, but internal also you become relaxed with them. Delicacies of Emirati food in restaurants and Hotel make it more highlight to recall the memory once you go back. Modern shopping complexes entice you to have a real Abu Dhabi vacation with Abu Dhabi things to do.

Yes, Before you pack and prepare your bags to do most interesting things to do in the vibrant city Abu Dhabi, make sure to get the suitable visit visa to UAE. Depending on your stay duration your visa type will change as Short term 14 days UAE tourist visa or 30 days UAE tourist visa. The other category of visa option is 90 days tourist visa which allows the tourists to stay longer than the short term visa. Remember for some nationalities, on arrival visa is not permitted and make sure to get the appropriate visa which suits you the most. Checkout things to do in Liwa too

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