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Heart Stirring Yas Island Water World Rides
February 26th, 2015

Are you a speedy thrill seeker? Do you want to have a challenge ?If you are addicted to that kick of adrenaline you get when you are excited, then these rides will be great for you. Are you ready to explore the various possibilities? The second biggest water park, in the entire world, Yas water world Abu Dhabi is the perfect place for thrill seekers of all ages and sizes. With forty-five different rides to choose from, each category under four varying levels of thrill, Yas water world is awaiting its  visitors.

Even if you don’t like flirting with excitement, you can still enjoy from a wide range of rides. If you enjoy adventure, the Yas island water park is where you should be!

Types of Rides and Attractions

Take a plunge dive into exciting waters and spine-tingling rides of Yas water world. This one of a kind water park offers a pearl diving showcase that exhibits the customary Emirati Pearl hunting heritage. The reciprocative treasure hunt will get you excited and give you more insight into the act.

Young Fun 

Yeah! Yas Island Water World makes the biggest children’s play area in the Middle East. This is the best place to enjoy the watery fun popping up inside the young minds.


Your kids can now enjoy splashing in water with a dumping bucket and three little slides to heighten their experience.

Marah fortress

Let your kids have an extreme water experience with water cannons, water-shooting geysers, two dumping buckets and six slides.

Tot’s Playground

This is a good chance for parents to rewind and relax while their toddlers enjoy the slides, playground or infant pool

Adrenaline Rush

This will bring you the most appealing tornado ride in the world. No doubt! You will become crazy about these attractions.

Rush Rider

If you are a beginner in surfing, this is the best chance for you to experience Californian style surfing in Abu Dhabi with endless sheet waves.

Bubble’s Barrel

Surf the world’s largest sheet wave that is 3 meters high. It is bound to bring out the surfing enthusiast in you.


Enjoy a dizzying adrenaline rush as you slide down a 20 meter high funnel in a raft and plunge into the waters.

Liwa Loop

Slide feet-down into the waters in the Middle East’s first looping water slide.

Hamlool’s Humps

Fulfill your desire to fly by gliding down the three gigantic humps of this slide.

Jebel Drop

Want to feel like a giant? Go look down from the tip of this slide because everything will look tiny.

Exciting Adventure

Even if you haven’t being feeding your adrenaline crave, you can satisfy it once and for all in Yas Waterwold’s series of exciting water rides.

Falcon’s Falaj

Get aboard a six person water coaster with enough of twists, turns and rapid drops that will leave you screaming with a mix of dread and joy.


Have a competition with your playmates and family down this bumpy slide. Let’s see who comes first.

Serpent Spin

Take a nosedive into water slides with sharp turns and dark bowls full of adventure before you are launched into the pool.

Slither Alley

Smooth beginning, surprising end with so many sharp twists in between. This ride is sure to leave you screaming in excitement.

Slither Surprise

Get an adrenaline rush by sliding through bumpy canyons and steep drops. You better hold on tightly!

Snake’s Tail

Have a spine tingling adventure while falling down this ride. The steep drops combined with fog, light and sound are sure to quench your passion for thrill.

Bandit Bomber

Buckle up! This suspended roller coaster will satisfy your craving for excitement while giving you a view of Yas Island

Moving and Grooving

Dare to brave the World’s 1st rattling water slide Yas Island Water World shoots you    with   more pleasure with following rides.

Water Wars

Get water-bombed from head to toe! Enjoy the battle of the water balloons with your friends.

Al Raha River (Lazy River)

Want to take a break after a lot of excitement? Jump into a circular raft with friends

or family and relax as you move down the smooth curves of the lazy river.

Jabha Zone

Ambush and attack the roller coaster riders with cannons filled with water. Be aware, they might attack you back!

Sand Viper strike

Whip through twist s, turns and dips. But, keep an eye out for the double hump!


Bob Up and down the dark sidewinder in a competition with your friend. Take a bet at who will land on the pool first!


Enjoy the flow of the wave patterns and have a splash in this beach-like pool.

Yadi Yas

Be ready to get splashed with water and a lot of excitement! Sit tight and enjoy the pulse waves.

Cannon Point

Have a blast playing with your family in this play area. It is equipped with splash guns, but watch out for the barrels of water falling from other rides!

  Pearl Masters Treasure Hunt

World’s first Interactive treasure Hunt in a water park! Discover the hidden treasures around the park. Pearl Masters Treasure Hunt game will send you on magical quests to find lost treasures, interact with magical creatures, solve ancient puzzles and tap into the hero within you.

Opening hours

Open daily from 10: 00 am to 6:00 pm

Yas World Ticket Prices
  • 55 USD:   Normal Admission – 1.1 metres tall and above.
  • 65 USD:   Junior Admission – below 1.1 metres
  • 100 USD:  Premium Normal Admission – 1.1 metres tall and above.
  • 120 USD:  Premium Junior Admission – below 1.1 metres


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