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Zaman Heritage Village Abu Dhabi
March 12th, 2015

They are the past, we are the future… Yes! You and I, we all have a proud legend of  traditional footprints by our forefathers which cannot be erased. As outcomes of past we exist based on the theory to present. So why not to go and explore the secrets of Emiratis in the Desert in Zaman Lawal Heriatge Village with so much fun and giggling. This is a day to travel the time and be a Bedouin.

Fun Zaman Heritage Village Abu Dhabi is absolutely a proverb for the Emirati Culture and identity. It is totally a Narration of the historical richness enduring heritage values in the Ancient gulf region, In the desert oasis exhilaration and excitement will be there in a treasure by the Emirati ancestors. Get ready to excavate the pleasure underneath with My Abu Dhabi Holidays to find the gems and pearls of thrill and delight. You can find nice places for birthday parties, Functions, Celebrations and also amazing desert safaris, Cultural tours and so much excitement will be there throughout. Okay, enough boasting. Let’s start the Journey now around Zaman Heritage Village.

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A Day You Become an Emirati Bedouin – Abu Dhabi Heritage Tour

Inner Village Incredible activities

In the golden sand of the oasis, enjoy the pumps of pleasure as a Bedouin. The inner village of Zaman Lawal Heritage Village comprises with priceless activities for all the visitors for never ending wowing experience forever.

Sand biking

What a better experience that riding the sand bike and rive to the infinity of Remah desert Al Ain while passing the astonishing Naqa At-Teir Oasis and Animal Park. Go fast and fast. Speed up to the sandy fun ride over the dunes.

Falconry show

Falcon is the majestic bird in the sky of Abu Dhabi, Bedouins and hunting Falcons are the symbols of Emirati pride. Showcase of the Falcon prey have look on the Humming birds. Look at the birds how they fly the sky high.

Safari trips and Walks

Zaman Heritage Village is another meaning for adventure in the desert. You can enjoy the desert safari. At the mid of the desert be a Bedouin and stay for some time in the desert wind. This a unique experience that you will fall in love with in the Heritage village.

Camel riding

As the way Bedouins roam around the desert land in the scary weathers, storms passing miles and miles riding the brave camels, be camel riders for a day see demonstrations of milking camels know more about the desert hero.

Horse riding

Horse is speedy and beautiful, Arabian horses are so are powerful in nature. Have the
Local horse riding, participate horse training, saddling horses and Horse safari trips to the oasis in the running wind. It is simply awesome. You should try the ride definitely in Zaman Village.

Saluki (greyhound) show

With the old companions of Bedouin, spend some time and see their loyalty to the man. Skill of cognitive and hunt make them so special in the desert life.

Traditional cooking activity

This is another revolving experience of the Emirati Bedouin traditions, learn how they make Their delicacies and learn to prepare one by yourself. Blend the flavors and traditional methods to make Jami, yogurt, Qurs Al Badu, Rqaq bread, local Bread and Khameer

Arabic coffee preparation ceremony

Arabic Coffee and dates pair of matching flavors lavish your tongue. Zip the coffee after learning the secrets and essence of Arabic coffee production. Enjoy the Bedouin traditions with very single drop.

Narrations of Emirati traditions and games.

UAE is a rich tradition and culture, listen to the Emirati stories, and learn the customs and traditions. Specially the Local Emirati life and their life styles. Occupations and livelihood traditional professions and skills such as rope making, weaving of palm leaves, date productions. Learn and play the traditional games of Al Karabee and Al Haloosa and enjoy more as you wish.

The animal farm

Enjoy and spend some time with camels, horses, donkeys, greyhounds, sheep, cows, and birds as Bedouin nature lovers.

Henna drawing

You will love to have the designs paints in your hands. Zaman Village’s skilled Emirati artisans will do it nicely for you.

Treasures of the heritage and Lifestyles

In the village you can enjoy the life styles of Bedouin, Farmers, and Coastal Lifestyle. The Bedouin lifestyle demonstrates Naqa At-Teir Oasis Show, the Farm Lifestyle Water Guardian Show is a cultural phenomena used to practice by the Emirati Bedouins. The Coastal Lifestyle will elaborate in the village especially through the House of Pearls Show. This is a time to appraise the ancient lifestyles and UAE heritage in the 21st century.

With all these attractive features of Zaman Village enjoy The Local Souk the retail market that you can visit and by local products and Naqa At-Teir Restaurant & Coffee Shop to enjoy Emirati restaurant offering traditional food and beverages inside the village for relax some time while enjoying there. At the same time don’t miss the chance to visit the House of Good Fortune to get aware about the date palms in the past, and date harvesting equipment and methods they used as traditional irrigation and cultivation. If you are a Muslim person the Mosque is also there to pray while praising God for the great culture Emirati’s deserved.

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